How Long Is A Shoot?

Shoots will be shot in a mini-session format and will last approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the child.

How Much Is A Shoot?

$100 per child. If you have multiple children please book a slot for each child. You can pay via Venmo, PayPal, Check or Cash (Sorry no credit cards at this time)

What do I get?

You will receive a set of white-bordered 4 x 6 prints of your final gallery images as well as a hyperlink of the digital files available for download.

What should my child wear?

Let’s keep things simple. The focus should be on the child and not the clothes but as a Mom of 2 girls heavy on personal style it’s more important we have happy kids. Meaning please don’t battle them. If they have a favorite shirt or outfit that they insist on wearing then let them wear it. A portrait doesn’t work with grumpy kids. We want them happy and comfortable and if that means letting them express their personal style, I’m good.

What is a typical shoot like?

The format is low stress and simple. One kid and one light. Depending on the child and mood I’ll have them either sitting or standing. The most important thing for a quality portrait is for the parent to step back and let me make a real connection with them. Kids sense and feed off parental energy - positive or negative. If you are nervous and worried they won’t give you the “perfect smile” they will sense it, dig in and not do it. I know this because my own 2 girls do it ALL THE TIME.