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Dog Photographer Erin Vey bio picture

Meet Erin Vey

I am a dog lover first.

A photographer second.

By some random chance of fate, I was able to combine the two loves into the coolest job ever: A Dog Photographer

I grew up in a family where dogs were always an integral part of our lives and most importantly, members of the family. Most of my childhood was spent with various Basset Hounds of the lovable but extremely stubborn variety. We never had less than 2 at any given time, sometimes 3, and the occasional stray that one of us would bring home for a visit.

After a short stint doing portrait work, which I still love, I realized my true calling is capturing the essence and personality of dogs. Upon reflection, I feel that my time doing portrait work was not wasted. Because of it, my experience with portrait work flows beautifully into working with people and their dogs.

My husband and I are owned by the fabulous Miss Gracie, a 5 year old Great Dane who brings energy and life into our house. You’ll see her around here a lot, she loves having her portrait taken (at least I like to think so).  She is a complete Diva and if you stick around long enough, you'll know what I'm talking about!

What an amazing adventure this has been so far. I’m so glad you are here experiencing it with me.

Merry Christmas

From my precious little family to yours.

Good kisses Gracie! That’s a nice girl. (Kisses are highly encouraged around this house)

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kim hayes - oops, meant to post that last comment on your most recent blog post.

kim hayes - i love that you are taking time off!! she's only going to be this young one time- you might as well soak it all in!! ;D

Cathy P - I've read your blog for awhile but really your photographs are so inspiring. I just love this of your daughter and your dog absolutely gorgeous.

Evy - my Newyear resolution is to say good when i feel like it... i've been wondering around your blog for almost a year now... and this is the ultimate moment to say Thank You So Much for sharing!!! You leave me with the bestest and sweetest sensations, i am sooo sooo happy to see these

Trude - Oh lord, that second one just KILLS me. Exactly the type of photo I was hoping for from you. :) Hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!

Marissa Nicole - So in love with picture number 2.

Stacy - Your daughter is the cutest baby I have ever seen EVER!!!

angela hubbard - LOVE IT erin. Marry Xmas to you and yours. x

MAYBELLINE - Dang it. That's sweet. Merry Christmas to everyone!

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - A very happy Christmas to you as well! Adorable photos!

Maribeth - awww!!! thanks! love it! merry holidays to you and your family!

Sharon - Merry Christmas to you and your angels : )

Rachel Elizabeth - How adorable!

Maria - So, so precious. Have a wonderful Christmas Erin.

Alia - Oh my goodness, Maggie looks adorable!! And it's so cute to see them getting along so well. :) Merry Christmas to you too!

Leslie - So sweet! Love doggie kisses!

Ruth - Thanks for the Christmas wishes! Same to you!

johnwaire - merry xmas erin!

Heather - I LOVE it! :D

Christmas Stuffy

Every year Grandma Linda gives Gracie a stocking full of dog toys from PetSmart.

Last week she brought the wrapped stocking over early and put it under the tree along with some presents for Maggie. 5 minutes later Gracie figured out which present was hers and took off with it into the other room. She unwrapped it and even managed to open the vacuum sealed plastic that surrounded the toys.

We loved watching every minute of it.

Here she is with one of her Christmas stuffies :)

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Denver Photographer - What a sweet looking old dog.

Sharon - She's 6! I just found the page with her baby pictures.

Sharon - It really is a dogs life at your house! How old is Gracie? I love her ears : )

Laurie Luck, KPA CTP - Oh Gracie, what a love.

Karla - Haha! Gracie U r the best! Thanks for all the smiles u have given me:)

retro sweets - Ah, clever gal! The toy looks cuter with her. :)I'm looking forward to what your little girl have for Christmas.

MAYBELLINE - Merry Christmas dear Gracie.

Betsy - Now I know why Gracie is always looking out of the window by the Christmas tree....she's waiting for Grandma Linda to bring her a stocking filled with toys! What could be better? :-)

Marissa Nicole - how sweet! G was super excited for Christmas!

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - Clever pooch :)

Lisa West - So sweet- she looks so happy!

Ingrid - I love Gracie. She is the awesomest dog EVER.

Leanne - Aawww, clever Gracie!

Anita - hahaha, that's so sweet:) You're lucky that she could tell which one was hers - something my dogs are not so good at!


Maggie is, of course, the sweetest gift we’ve ever received.

But to see my two girls together hanging out so peacefully sure is a close second :)

Gracie makes an excellent Boppy!

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Yen - Wauw... Your photo's are really beautyfull! You take your time and find the right moment... That's very special! Even in Holland we love your photo's! We want more! We want more! We want more! :P

hailey - oh man I wish I had Earnest this well trained!! Your Gracie is brilliant!! Your daughter is a delight!! thanks for inspiring!

An Observer - Absolutely precious!!! Some 35 years ago we brought our firstborn (daughter) home to a black Great Dane that looked a lot like yours. Everyone was fearful of how the BIG...BLACK...Dog would respond to the baby, but we knew she would take her as her own, as she did. Wonderful, wonderful memories. PS: that daughter is a professional photographer in New Orleans now.

Anna - What precious photos! Keepers for sure, helps that both are so photogenic, and you obviously know what you're doing.. Hoping my 4 legger will be as good one day

michelle - these are so delightful. to see you capture both gracie and maggie in such creative and unique ways is just awesome. the last image of their feet makes me smile.

Jessica - Your little girl is THE most beautiful little baby girl I have ever seen!!!

Emma - It's amazing how time flies... just the other day, I remember seeing a photo from one of your scan's... and now there's a gorgeous little noo!!! My guy is already 16months... make that 17 months (see what I mean about time!!!)... You do realise that we are privileged to be able to take pics of our little ones as they blossom into the cutest little things... and I love how Gracie & Maggie have such an amazing bond already!

kristi - oh wow. that first nurturing

Catherine - So precious!


Katybeth Jensen - Awww....these are so sweet. I love the leg one.

jen - your little miss is seriously giving my cutest baby in the world a run for his money. and was that a diaper check in the first shot? our bulldog is self appointed poop checker. ugh.

Maribeth - gorgeous pics! gorgeous, living, breathing souls!...! I love the comparison of their legs (and shoes, could those be any cuter!!)in the last one!

Sue, Vancouver, BC, Canada - **SMILE**

Maria - It's so nice to see you shooting again. I'm in love with your work.

Leanne - These pictures are just utterly perfect and very special indeed

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - I love pictures of dogs and little ones chillin' together. So sweet :)

Erin - The shoes are from an Etsy store called Gracious May. I got them as a gift and I absolutely love them!

Michelle - Life is good.....your girls are gorgeous!

Vanessa - These are precious! Both of your girls are adorable!!!

retro sweets - Aw, the first picture is the sweetest of them all. What cute little blue eyes and rosey shoes too! :)

JNCJJ - where are the cute little shoes from?

Shauna - I always love your Gracie pics...and when you combine her size and your little one's size in the same's amazing. They're both simply adorable.

Jasmine, BamBam and Eski - the pictures you took are simply priceless. cuteness/sweetness OVERLOAD!

Jennifer - That just might be the most precious set of pictures I've ever seen.

shawna - PERFECT!!! :)

Jenny Bishop - I check your blog all the time and have never commented but LOVED this post so much I just had to tell you!!! Would love to one day have photos just like these!! Adorable!!! LOVE your work! And your little girl has beautiful eyes! :)

Stephen - Love the legs shot!

Marissa Nicole - I started reading your blog last Christmas. So I feel full circle at this point in time. I am loving the direction & more frequent posts.

Amy Parsons - Such a sweet little team you have there! You're work is always heartwarming!! She's growing quickly. I had a boy right around the time you had your daughter.

Jennifer - Those pics are beyond precious. Even my fiance went "awwww" when he saw them! I love the photos you've been taking of your beautiful girls. I must say too, your Maggie has the prettiest blue eyes!

sandy - These are amazing photos - such a beautiful baby and doggie!


Wow has it really been over a month since I last posted? Time sure is flying.

I wanted to stop in and post a few pictures of what I am most thankful for this Thanksgiving.

It’s amazing when you look back at what you were doing last year and realize how much your life can change in the blink of an eye. This time last year we were facing the sad reality that we would never have kids. I had been through many procedures, surgeries, and shots with no success. If you would have told me that we would be sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner this year with a darling little girl at the table, I would have never believed you.

This year I am thankful that we still have our precious Gracie who will turn 7 in a few months. 7? I can’t believe she is really going to be 7! I am thankful for our little miracle baby Maggie who has rocked our world in the best way possible. I am also thankful that we have found a way to make sure Gracie knows that she is still a very important member of our family.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Fan of Photography - These are so looks like Maggie is tiring Gracie out! LOL

c - love these shots!!! very nice! thanks for sharing.

Sharon - Erin, I'm so glad you were featured over on I Heart Faces. Your photos are just wonderful! And Maggie is about the cutest little angel I've seen in a long time! She and Gracie are just darling together.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - She is just a doll baby. My oldest is a Margaret Grace (we call her Maggie)...great minds think alike:) Just bopping over from I heart faces. Love your pics...totally inspired!

Brittany Dawson - She really is one of the most beautiful baby girls I have ever seen.

Marissa Nicole - I am so happy you have posted again. I love to see the pictures of Maggie & Gracie together. Thank you for sharing what you are so thankful for!

Linda Wiley - Those eyes are ......for !

oneshotbeyond - so stinking precious!!! :-) BOTH OF THEM!

Holly Hodges - Maggie is beautiful and the pics of her and Gracie bring tears to my eyes. You are very blessed!

Courtney - Your little girl is so cute!!! I love looking at your blog too!

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - Beautiful photos- thank you for the inspiration :) Happy Thanksgiving!

kristie kulik - oh my goooooooodness~ the hand and paw image melted my heart into a big puddle!

Two Barking Dogs - We miss you when you don't post often, but I know I can totally relate to life intruding on blogging! Wonderful photos! Happy Thanksgiving!

Becca - Hi Erin. Maggie is adorable. We were kind of in the same boat a year ago. I had just had my second consecutive miscarriage and we wondered if we would be able to have kids, too. This Thanksgiving, we have a beautiful two month old. It is amazing how much life can change in a year. Thank you for sharing your story.

Luana Lied Zapata - They're gorgeous! Happy Thanksgiving!

MAYBELLINE - Oh the good life! A wonderful Thanksgiving to you all.

erin - Perfect and lovely. Happy Thanksgiving!

Carly - Simply perfection.

Kim - Yup! That is a lot to be thankful for. Maggie is beautiful. Gracie looks happy. So happy you!!

Elizabeth - Gracie must be such a proud big sister. :)

shawna - sniff, sniff. Thanks for making me cry. ;] I spent a thanksgiving just like yours, two years ago...& 10 days later I got two pink lines. I am beyond happy for you & your precious blessing. She is perfect in every way!

Michelle - What a beautiful blessing!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

Tiffani - What a beautiful baby! And that pic of the paw and hand is priceless. Maggie will treasure that pic someday.

erika verginelli - Erin, this picture of their "hands" together made me cry! And man, Maggie is one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!!! ;-)

Alia - Congratulations on all the good things in your life, Erin! I just wanted to say that Maggie is beautiful, and I'm happy that you get to spend Thanksgiving with two amazing girls. :)

Nicole - Oh, Erin, you are so wonderfully blessed. What beautiful girls you have. Happy Thanksgiving, momma.

Erin - wow.. both of your girls are so beautiful!! I love the photo of her tiny little hand next to Gracie's paw!

Maria - Your work is always so beautiful. Just beautiful.

Maribeth - Much to be thankful for, especially these 2 cuties!! Happy Thanksgiving!

ami klegstad - your baby girl is absolutely beautiful! I just want to squeeze her! And I LOVE the photos of her and Gracie together.

Sandy - Wow, she's starting to look just like you!!! :)