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Meet Erin Vey

I am a dog lover first.

A photographer second.

By some random chance of fate, I was able to combine the two loves into the coolest job ever: A Dog Photographer

I grew up in a family where dogs were always an integral part of our lives and most importantly, members of the family. Most of my childhood was spent with various Basset Hounds of the lovable but extremely stubborn variety. We never had less than 2 at any given time, sometimes 3, and the occasional stray that one of us would bring home for a visit.

After a short stint doing portrait work, which I still love, I realized my true calling is capturing the essence and personality of dogs. Upon reflection, I feel that my time doing portrait work was not wasted. Because of it, my experience with portrait work flows beautifully into working with people and their dogs.

My husband and I are owned by the fabulous Miss Gracie, a 5 year old Great Dane who brings energy and life into our house. You’ll see her around here a lot, she loves having her portrait taken (at least I like to think so).  She is a complete Diva and if you stick around long enough, you'll know what I'm talking about!

What an amazing adventure this has been so far. I’m so glad you are here experiencing it with me.


Hello Friends,

I know it’s been awhile but I have good news. I’ve updated my site and blog and you can find me at my new address:

Hope to see you over there!


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kris {life at the table} - oh goodie!...i've been holding out with this feed on my homepage saying 'april...what?' this entire time. :)

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - Will be sure to check you out at your new home- congrats! The expressions on both faces are priceless :)

April … What?

Oh my gosh, I knew I hadn’t posted anything on my blog in awhile but I just looked at my last post and it was in January.

And now it is April?

I guess that is what being a new parent is all about. You look at the calendar one day and then you get swept away in the chaos and loveliness of raising a child. The next minute you look up and you have a 7 year old dog and an 8 month old child.

Pure craziness!

I’ve always been nothing but real here, so I’ll just come right out and say that I’m having a difficult time trying to find a good balance. But I take comfort in knowing I’m not alone, that every parent is constantly struggling to find a balance between work, marriage, parenting, and life. But I’ve never been happier. Truly.

What does that mean for my business? Well, I just don’t know. Priorities change, especially when someone (Maggie) comes into your life that you worked so hard to get. I know that dogs and photography will always be in my life, but I don’t know what direction I’m supposed to go in yet. So I do what I always do, I will sit and wait for the right answer.

While I try to figure out what the heck I am doing, you can find me more often over on my facebook page. I find it easier to quickly visit that site to post updates or pictures than I do here.

Because really, who wouldn’t want to spend all their free time with this adorable little nugget named Maggie, Maggie Doodle, Maggie Magoo, Maggareno, Piggy, Monkey…

… and the best big sister anyone could ever ask for. A big sister who is patient, kind, and makes her little sister giggle like no one else in the world can.

See what I mean?

She is such a gift. A gift that we worked incredibly hard for, cried many tears to get, paid tens of thousands of dollars to get us closer to, injected so many drugs it hurts to think about, and then to have her miraculously come of her own accord. Well, we just can’t help but want to spend all of our time with her.

How can you not love this precious little angel?

Untile I figure out what I’m doing…


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Joanna Reichert - Is Maggie playing the drums? :) Love your images and can't wait to see more!

arlene - Adorable girls! I wouldn't be blogging either! :)

Julianna - Love those big, big, blue eyes <3

diane bourque - What a cutie! I've bookmarked this site because whenever I'm gonna feel stressed out or want a moment to refresh my thoughts - I will come here to see this beautiful totally adorable magnificent little girl. Thanks for sharing - I appreciate this.

Marissa Nicole - I love how Gracie is just standing there in the video....oh the patience of a dog.

Diane Lewis Photography - You are wise to spend all your time with Maggie when she's so young... "Never sacrifice today for tomorrow" for before you know it she'll be all grown up. I struggle with the same things, my son is now 3 and life is busier than ever managing a pet photography business, motherhood and being a mother to the 4 legged kids too, but I have to say these are the best years and my life is complete. I worried and wondered too and then decided to leave my future in God's hands, he knows what's best and truly everything has fallen into place. I think baby/child photography is in your future... I mean look at the great shots of Maggie- pure perfection!

Mary - She is a true doll baby. How absolutely adorable! Love their little sibship too!

YarMatey - Mostly just glad to hear everything is going well with you and your family! Take your time, haven't known a parent yet who had it all figured out beforehand and that's the actual way it went after!

Evy - Erin, thanks for being so frank.. it is a breath of fresh air in a world where everyone seems to be in the rush of success... ah, and the blue pictures are nothing but amazing! happy for you

Bethany Giannini - I like "Maggie Magoo" the best :) I have missed your pet photos but life balance is so important. It will all work out how it's suppose to.

MAYBELLINE - Brilliant. You're doing a fantastic job.

Katybeth Jensen - Oh My. So Big and So Beautiful! ♥

Betsy - Erin - Your post made me cry! I'm soooo happy for you and your beautiful family! What adorable photos and video of the girls. Enjoy every second you have with them!

Victoria - Just be who you are and do what you need and love to do and know that our blessings and love are with you and will be with you if/when you return :)

Ashley - Erin - my sister & I were just talking about how you haven't posted to your blog in a long time (as we both really enjoyed saying "did you see Erin's post?" :) but as someone who is currently waiting to go through my 4th IVF round - I say enjoy EVERY second and we'll look forward to the time when you figure out the balance / start posting again - it will all wait on here. :) All the best!! Thanks for the adorable pictures!

andrea - Careers and chores can wait! Children are small for only so long. Savor and enjoy every moment of it! Your daughter is just beyond precious! What a beautiful child you have :)

Nicolasa - My husband and I are currently working hard to get ourselves one of those cute babies so I can completely understand the desire to spend every waking second with such a amazing miracle. Things will work out just beautifully for you! I know it!

Kari Quaas - Darling. I get it. :)

Maribeth - Thanks for making me smile! =) I can totally understand you wanting to spend all your time with Maggie, she is so totally darling! Savor the moments!! Just share her and Gracie with us every now and then, please!!? The balance is hard, but you will find it, day by day. Enjoy every moment, I am sure with your talent you will be fine, somehow combining both loves of your life!!

Kari K - So happy to see a post from you again! The last two pictures of Maggie are absolutely adorable!

Stacey - I LOVE all of these images, and your readers and admirers will always be sitting here patiently for you. You do what you need to do for your family! :) Also, might I suggest checking out if you haven't already? She is a "mommy blogger" that keeps it real. She balances her life with children and her own business and puts it out there about as straight as it can be. Maybe she will give you a little comfort or at least a laugh, if nothing else.

Laura - She is adorable. Maybe your next calling is baby/dog photography together. :) You are doing the right thing, enjoying every moment. It goes so fast.

Kathy - Life is totally worth finding the love you've been looking for. You are so right in figuring out how to make it work in your life! She is beautiful.

Nina - I love that you are so honest! It helps to know that others feel the same way...finding balance is very hard :)

Allison Waken - She is SO sweet. Being a parent, running a business, and being happy (to me) means going with the flow. Things change so much and as long as you're willing to go where life takes you, you'll be good :) Enjoy every second with her!

Something Different

A little peek at what I’ve been working on the last few weeks.

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Season - I adore this shot! Absolutely gorgeous!

Lincoln - How cute... !

Julianna Koh - Love the way Gracie's tail is poking at Maggie :)

Yen - dear erin, the tips & tricks on ''Educations'' is not working... maybe you can fix this so it works again?

Karin Newstrom - She is so adorable! I love the lighting!

Yen - Do you have a filter on your objective?

Denver Pet Photography - Man I really want to know what she's laying on... looks like a bear?... I bet I'm wrong.

barb shillinger - What a darling picture of Maggie! Her eyes are SOOOOO blue!

DianeLewisPhotography - My gosh, you have the more adorable daughter! her eyes are simply amazing!

Pamela - Completely charming!

Alice - This has to be the cutest photo ever! Really nice :)

MAYBELLINE - What complete cuteness.

ajira - soooooooooooooo cute!!

Tracy - Can't wait to see more!!

Jane Hasty - Soooo cute!

Sharon - She is so adorable! They grow to fast, don't they? It just breaks your heart.

jen - she has some of the best cheeks i've ever seen! second to mine baby of course. does grace ever sit on her? accidentally of course...

Marie Louise - Can't wait to see more! This one is lovely

Betsy - I love the tail!!

Lexi - Aww!! I bet you already have a million photos of her <3

Charlotte Reeves - Maggie has the BEST eyes!

Melanie - love it!

Partners In Crime

I’m in big trouble. These two girls are already conspiring against me! I asked for a simple smile and they both gave me tongue.

I’m slowly working my way back from maternity leave. I can’t believe my baby girl turned 5 months on the 15th. It has been a whirlwind for sure. A friend of mine wasn’t kidding when she told me that pregnancy sucks all things creative out of you and I would venture to say that the suckage continued throughout the 4th trimester. But life seems to be getting back to a new normal for us which feels awesome.

Dog photography sure has come a long way in the last year and that excites me. I’m always looking for something new to do with my photography as I tend to get bored really easily. So I have a few new ideas brewing in my head and I’m excited to try them out over the next few months. Miss Gracie, my loyal assistant, is helping me work on a few things. She’s such a good girl. I can’t believe that she is going to be SEVEN next month. SEVEN?

It’s good to be back!

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Brenda Parrish - I haven't checked in on your blog in.....a while, so imagine my surprise to see a 5 month old addition to the family! She is just scrumptious! Congratulations!

Heather Smith - Hi Eirn, I am a relatively new photography student, and I happened upon your website one day recently. Your work is stunning, and it inspires me to learn more and to explore every aspect of my creativity. Keep doing what you are doing, you have a real gift :)

Karin Newstrom - So cute! Gracie looks so wise in the second shot--I love it.

bryan - i dont even like dogs... but that is a great shot

Amanda Z. - I adore your photography and would someday love to have this done for my two mutts. I just wanted to comment on your line "pregnancy sucks all things creative out of you" – I experienced the exact opposite! As a graphic designer I was busy with his birth announcement, closet organizer tags, font flashcards, you name it. Plus sewing his bedding and making a quilt! I was insane. Very excited to see new work! I will be staying tuned.

Anita Jesse - I discovered your site through Mary Ann's Frames of Reference, and now I can't stop oohing an ahhing over all your beautiful work. Furthermore, your little girl is gorgeous. I will certainly be back to make my wy deeper into the archives.

MAYBELLINE - Just wait and see how quickly college comes along.

Brent - I am so glad to see your posts in my RSS reader again :) Excited for what's to come. Hope everything is great.

Ruth - Wonderful expressions in the first one, and the second is stunning!

Shauna (Fido & Wino) - That is adorable! The b&w of Gracie is stunning :)

Kathy - Gorgeous! I cannot wait to see what you have coming up!

Katybeth Jensen - Oh yes--you are in big trouble! Grace looks Great for 7 and I know my Danes! Glad you are feeling your way back to work--Baby needs pink Uggs boots : ) As always-very cute! ♥

Kari - So excited for your return! Love the photos.

Katrina - Your site does the same Malware popup on my computer as well but when I close the window and reclick on your link it directs me to your page just fine? I always love seeing new posts from you and look forward to more creativity!

Marissa Nicole - Welcome back it is good to see you again.

Tiffani Baum - Every time I come to your website, a message pops up that your site contains malware and may be dangerous to visit. I have always gone on then strange ad pop up. But the warning says just visiting your site could damage my computer. Nothing has happened as of yet, bit it makes me wonder. Has anyone else told you this, did you know about it? Just thought I'd let you know in case it's keeping others from discovering your site.

Victoria - :)

Ruth - Welcome back! You've been missed :)

Maribeth - Glad your creativity has been revived again! I so enjoy your blog! Love Maggie's shirt, so cute and so is she! These 2 pics are so precious!

Dodie - OMG ... I don't know which photo I like more. The girls giving you raspberries is so cute, and I love Maggie's outfit! But the shot of Gracie is to-die-for. Looking forward to seeing what you're going to be creating!